We have a team of certified NBN technicians with the correct tools to test, diagnose and fix slow and unreliable NBN Fibre to the Node FTTN & ADSL connections in the Perth metropolitan area

What do we do?

One of our technician’s will come to your home or office measure the speed of your connection utilising specialist equipment, a measurement with be taken inside the premise and from the first point where the NBN enters the premises. From this result we will be able to determine the fastest speed attainable from the link and then remediate the internal premise cabling to ensure this is the speed received by your modem.

Don’t believe us? see the articles below about the importance of internal cabling and the effects it has on the speed of a FTTN NBN Connction

NBN Study found:

“That study found that a simple fix: moving the modem to the first socket, closing off unused phone outlets, installing a central splitter, or re-cabling poor wiring resulted in an average speed increase of 55 percent,” an NBN Co spokesperson said.”

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NBN quote regarding:

“With good in-home wiring, there should be little to no impact on your nbn VDSL service. But in cases where wiring is old, poorly put together or where unused telephone outlets are still wired to the main system, this can lead to speed degradation and cause drop-outs.”

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Is your family happy with your internet connection?

“Faulty internal cable issues
To many outlets
In experienced Technicians
ISP not helping
Too many phone calls to get information
Let the NBN fixer come out and test your Speeds with the right test tools.
NBN fixer will test and relay correct information on your internal and external cabling condition.”

Why Choose Us:

All our technicians are:

  • • NBN Co Certified
  • • ACMA open cable certified
  • • Have a current police clearance
  • • Fully insured
  • • Construction White Card
  • • Using NBN Co certified tools and parts
  • • Western Australian owned and operated
  • • Security Agent and Installer Licensed

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OR Contact: Nathan Isaac 0488199500